Yes you can…

ComputerFrustrationWhen it comes to integrating technology, one thing I hear from teachers on a regular basis is “I could never _________ ” (fill in the blank). They could never have students create a multimedia presentation. They could never have students program animations. They could never make an instructional video. They could never utilize Google applications. Never, never, never.

I would like to say with complete sincerity and confidence that YES YOU CAN! Integrating technology isn’t just for those of use who are tech savvy or the young teacher who grew up with technology. Integrating is something we call can do and something we all should do. The students

I will be posting as series on integration ideas that everyone can accomplish with a little planning and courage. So, while you wait with great anticipation for the first post next week, think of the cool projects you want to do, but are too afraid to try. Send those ideas to me and I will post some thoughts on how to make the project a reality.