Yes you can… iMovie

imovieFor those of you with iPads, one great tool that I feel anyone can use is iMovie. The iPad version is much simpler to use than the Mac version. Despite it being more simple, it can make a high quality movie.

Currently the seventh graders at my school are using iMovie for the iPad to reenact scenes from the novel they have read in class. Students will write scripts in a group of four. Then students will videotape using the iPad’s camera. In iMovie, students will add the clips, split the clips to remove the mistakes, add titles, add still photos, add special effects and sounds and more. It will take some time, but the final product will be great!

Don’t be afraid to try iMovie. Take an hour with your┬áiPad and try making a simple movie. Don’t be afraid to give your students some guidelines and let them give it a try. You can do it!