Yes you can… get out of the way!

Screenshot 2015-05-21 18.41.35Throughout the Yes… you can series I have tried to show you that it doesn’t take a tech genius to integrate technology into your lessons. I am certainly no tech genius. What I am is willing. I am willing to try new things that I know nothing or little about. I am willing to allow students to lead the way. Being a teacher means you are guiding students toward knowledge. Sometimes that requires us to get out of the way!

I try to allow my students the freedom to be creative while completing the requirements during a project. I have two projects to share with you that demonstrate what can happen if you are willing to step aside and let the students go.

SCRATCH: This project had a list of requirements, but I didn’t give much direction on how students were to meet the requirements because I didn’t want to limit the creativity and ideas the students would have.  The students knew I had expectations that needed to be met. This students met each one with mastery.

ROBOTICS: This project required students program the robot to complete an obstacle course using sensors. When this group got finished, I asked them to make a video of their robot completing the course. What they made was incredible. Watch and see.