Twitter_logo_blueI know Twitter has been around for almost 10 years, but in eduction, it takes a while for things to work its way into the classroom. I am finding more and more educators using Twitter to connect with students and parents. I love seeing my colleagues tweet pictures and videos of awesome things their students are doing in the classroom.

One use of Twitter that I find teachers still are not embracing is the ability to create Professional Learning Communities (PLC). I know, we don’t need one more acronym. I get some awesome ideas from those I follow on Twitter.

Another place to connect with other educators and build your PLC is in a Twitter Chat. If you haven’t participated in a Twitter Chat yet, you should try it out. Here is a great article about Twitter Chats.┬áI suggest you try one out.

The only way to get better at using Twitter is by using it often. I try to tweet at least a few times a week. I would love to tweet every day or even multiple times a day. But sometimes I get so busy with my students, I forget.

So, look for awesome things your students are doing and tweet them out for the world to see. Suggest your students tweet what they are doing as well. Don’t forget to also connect with other teachers through Twitter Chats.

Happy Tweeting!