Twitter Chats

Twitter (3)You have a customized Twitter account, posted tweets and you have started following others. Now it is time to start interacting with other teachers. You do this through something called a Twitter Chat. A Twitter Chat typically has a topic for discussion. There is a moderator that posts a series of questions. Those participating answer the questions. The crazy thing is lots of answers will filter in all at the same time. You stay connected with the chat through the use of a specific hashtag. Here is a great list of Twitter Chats on a variety of topics geared for teachers. When in a Twitter Chat I like to use a website called TweetDeck. This seems to allow me to follow along better than using the Twitter website. I also like to use my laptop. It can get overwhelming trying to use my iPad or iPhone. Watch the latest video as I participate in a Twitter Chat. You’ll see how you can learn a great deal and become inspired by those in the chat. These are teachers from around the world.