FLL District Tournament

SMH_286Our FLL Animal Allies season is over. We gave it our best shot, but came up short at the University of Akron FLL District Tournament. I am so proud of the team. We managed to score our highest score in the Robot Games. It was our highest possible score with what we programmed our robot to complete. The team was so excited. We also scored much higher on our Core Values judging. Best of all we had a BLAST!

If you have been thinking of creating a team I have just one thing to say. DO IT. Create a team and sign up.

I enjoyed the entire season. I admit that I was a stressed out mess during the judging. These kids worked so hard and I wanted the best for them.

In the end it all payed off. We won a Judges Award. We got to go home with a trophy to display with many others trophies from various teams from the school over the years. For a rookie team, these kids exceeded my expectations.

I can’t wait until next season. I think I’m hooked.